Acquista ora:
361 Degrees Wellness Method
di Francesco Arone



I am Francesco Arone, the “one for all”. I am a guru, a mentor and a wise man with a mission: to help as many people as I can. I am ready to discuss and demonstrate, I am not vain, I just wish to inspire others. How many times have you thought that the world sucks, that you’re unhappy, that you just wish to feel better? Now you have in your hands the instrument that will allow you to change course. Reading it you will discover: – How to control the power of your own mind, going from negative to positive thoughts through mantras and daily affirmations – The importance of avoiding thoughts, words and actions that can damage you – Ways to reach success and wellness, both physical and psychological – How to take care of your body through activities such as Pilates, yoga, postural gymnastics, and how to tone your body with the right exercises, without the use of machines and from the comfort of your own home. – Instruments and strategies to get rid of anxiety, fear and stress. – Strategies to learn how to be a leader, how to feel comfortable and appreciated by society and others. – How to seduce and what strategies to adopt to have a stable, fulfilling relationship – Ways to create a good child-parent relationship – Motivational phrases that can be your guide, changing the chemistry of your brain Imagine a life without worrying or problems, a life of success. Imagine being free from every chain that binds you, from every obstacle. This work of art was created to guide you through walking on water, through quicksand, going from running to flying and letting go of the handbrake that has been keeping you for far too long, making you exclaim “WOW!”. In just 30 days you will change your life forever. Consider the cost of a gym, or the cost of therapy. This book will offer many advantages with just a fraction of that cost. Just renounce buying breakfast each day for 30 days and you will hold in your hands the most powerful instrument ever that will make you fly. Now the choice is yours: stay where you are or change course. What are you waiting for?


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361 Degrees Wellness Method
di Francesco Arone”

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