Dear Diana – di Sergio Cappelli



Confined to Balmoral Castle by old age, Queen Elizabeth II decides to write a private and unexpected letter to Lady Diana, the People’s Princess, her former daughter-in-law whose tragic death twenty-five years before marked the history of the United Kingdom. The words flow like a flooding river, through memories, remorse and reflections on life, the monarchy and the weight of the crown. Elizabeth reveals for the first time her deepest emotions, inner struggles and the tension between her position as Queen and her identity as a woman, as a mother and as a grandmother. As she tries to find meaning in the years gone by and muses about the time she has left, she explores her own personal relationship with Diana, the controversial figure who changed the British royal family forever. With intimacy and honesty, the Queen confronts her public image, society’s expectations and her own conscience, revealing a side of herself the world had never seen before. ‘Dear Diana’ is a touching reflection on the end of life, the choices and the relationships that define our existence, a tale that reveals the heart and soul of a woman beyond the crown.


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